Customizer options

You can try the options out by clicking the “Customize” link in the bottom right corner.

Site Identity

  • Custom logo
  • Change Site Title and Tagline. Display or hide the Site Title and Tagline.
  • Site Icon


  • Header text color. Defaults to black.

Header background

  • Header background color. Defaults to turquoise.
  • Custom header image.
  • Header background image position
  • Header background image size
  • Header background image repeat

Call to Action

  • Hide the call to action
  • Call to action text
  • Call to action link (optional)
  • Call to Action text color. Defaults to black.
  • Call to Action background color. Defaults to transparent white.

Page sections

To combine the page sections with a page, you also need to select a page template.

  • Top section: Choose up to 3 pages that will be displayed above your blog content.
  • Choose u pto 3 pages that will be displayed below your blog content, but above the footer.


  • Primary menu ( In the site header)
  • Social menu (In the site footer)

Advanced settings

  • Hide the meta information in the post footer.
  • Hide the author, post date and tag information.
  • Hide the search form in the header.
  • Hide the clickable site title in the header menu.
  • Hide the Theme Author credit in the footer.


The theme has several widget areas, please see this document.

Homepage Settings

Display your latest posts or a static page.

Featured Content -Only available with Jetpack

  • Add a Label for your featured content.
  • Tag name.
  • Do not display tag in post details and tag clouds.
  • Also display tagged posts outside the Featured Content area.

Testimonials -Only available with Jetpack

  • Testimonial Archive Title
  • Testimonial Archive Content
  • Testimonial Archive Featured Image