Welcome to the demo of Billie

Theme features

Billie is a beautiful accessible WordPress theme. It can be used for any type of website, but is designed for blogs and portfolios.

The theme has two option menus, including a social menu, several different widget panels, and a footer widget are that will hold any number of widgets.

The theme is compatible with the block editor, and also includes a Call to Action button and two page sections that you can combine with your front page.

I recommend that you install the Jetpack plugin to make full use of supported features like featured content, contact forms, testimonials, social sharing and more.

To create a portfolio, install jetpack and create your projects. All the templates are already shipped with the theme.

Billie also works well with WooCommerce.

Customizer options

You can try the options out by clicking the “Customize” link in the bottom right corner.

Site Identity

  • Custom logo
  • Change Site Title and Tagline. Display or hide the Site Title and Tagline.
  • Site Icon


  • Header text color. Defaults to black.

Header background

  • Header background color. Defaults to turquoise.
  • Custom header image.
  • Header background image position
  • Header background image size
  • Header background image repeat

Call to Action

  • Hide the call to action
  • Call to action text
  • Call to action link (optional)
  • Call to Action text color. Defaults to black.
  • Call to Action background color. Defaults to transparent white.

Page sections

To combine the page sections with a page, you also need to select a page template.

  • Top section: Choose up to 3 pages that will be displayed above your blog content.
  • Choose u pto 3 pages that will be displayed below your blog content, but above the footer.


  • Primary menu ( In the site header)
  • Social menu (In the site footer)

Advanced settings

  • Hide the meta information in the post footer.
  • Hide the author, post date and tag information.
  • Hide the search form in the header.
  • Hide the clickable site title in the header menu.
  • Hide the Theme Author credit in the footer.


The theme has several widget areas, please see this document.

Homepage Settings

Display your latest posts or a static page.

Featured Content -Only available with Jetpack

  • Add a Label for your featured content.
  • Tag name.
  • Do not display tag in post details and tag clouds.
  • Also display tagged posts outside the Featured Content area.

Testimonials -Only available with Jetpack

  • Testimonial Archive Title
  • Testimonial Archive Content
  • Testimonial Archive Featured Image

Sidebars and widget areas

Billie includes several sidebars and widget areas.


The footer has two global widget areas that will show on all your pages. A general widget area with three columns, and one specifically designed for your copyright text.


When enabled, Billie displays the sidebar to the right of your content.

You can show different sidebar content in different areas of your website by using these widget areas:

  • Front page sidebar
  • Sidebar for archives and search results
  • Sidebar for posts and pages

Sidebar visibility

Posts will display the sidebar by default. To add a sidebar to a page, please use the “Page with Sidebar” page template.

Accessibility features

Billie is an accessibility-ready WordPress Theme that has been carefully reviewed by the WordPress.org Theme Review Team. You can find the requirements for accessible themes here:

Accessibility features include:

  • Skip to content link. This link lets you skip the header and the menu and go directly to the content.
  • Color contrast. The default colors has a contrast ratio that passes the requirements of WCAG 2.0 level AA.
  • Semantic heading levels. No heading levels are skipped. Every page has one H1 heading.
  • Aria roles and labels. All elements are inside an aria role. Aria labels are added when a page has more than one role of the same kind.
  • Accessible controls. All controls, such as the menu toggles, are accessible for screen-readers and by keyboard.
  • Visible focus. All focusable elements have a visible outline when selected. Including links, controls and form inputs.
  • Zoom. Elements are accessible also when zoomed in. Text size is changed accordingly.
  • Links. Links in content and in comment content are underlined.
  • Image Alt texts. Images will display alt texts if one has been added in the media library or in the block editor. Icons are added using CSS.