Accessibility features

Billie is an accessibility-ready WordPress Theme that has been carefully reviewed by the Theme Review Team. You can find the requirements for accessible themes here:

Accessibility features include:

  • Skip to content link. This link lets you skip the header and the menu and go directly to the content.
  • Color contrast. The default colors has a contrast ratio that passes the requirements of WCAG 2.0 level AA.
  • Semantic heading levels. No heading levels are skipped. Every page has one H1 heading.
  • Aria roles and labels. All elements are inside an aria role. Aria labels are added when a page has more than one role of the same kind.
  • Accessible controls. All controls, such as the menu toggles, are accessible for screen-readers and by keyboard.
  • Visible focus. All focusable elements have a visible outline when selected. Including links, controls and form inputs.
  • Zoom. Elements are accessible also when zoomed in. Text size is changed accordingly.
  • Links. Links in content and in comment content are underlined.
  • Image Alt texts. Images will display alt texts if one has been added in the media library or in the block editor. Icons are added using CSS.