Deejay 2.2

== Changelog ==

= 2.2 – October 3 2017 =
Added a template for image attachments: image.php.
Minor style changes for attached images.
Added screen reader text to the image attachment navigation.
Added a new page template called “Header & Footer”. This template does not display the content of your page, only the header and footer.
Added a new Crew page template where you can feature your crew members.

  • Create a new static page.
  • Select the Crew page template.
  • Go to the customizer to select the crew members that you would like to feature.
  • Note: Crew members are existing users.

Page and post templates has moved to a new folder called templates.
Added two new functions that moves the Jetpack related posts further down in the post footer.
Header Background Color
In case your front page header image does not fit on other pages, you can now select a color that will replace the header image on all pages except the front page.
Added links to the support forum and theme rating in the customizer.
Updated credits.