Aaron has been tested with and styles has been added for the following plugins:

  • WooCommerce
  • bbPress
  • Jetpack
    Note: Not all of Jetpacks modules are accessilbe, and some uses iframes. I have increased the contrast of some of the modules.

Recommended modules:

  • Featured content
    -Once Jetpack has been activated, you can select up to six posts or pages as a front page feature. Chose a tag and add it to your posts to separate them from the rest.
    You can also choose a headline for your featured section. Featured images are optional and the recommended image size is 360×300 pixels.
    An image describing three featured posts on the front page, two with featured images and one that only displays the post title.
  • Custom Content Type: Portfolio
    Aaron also supports Jetpack Portfolios. Read more about how to setup your Portfolio on Jetpacks support site.An image describing two portfolio items.
  • Custom Content Type: Testimonials
    Aaron also supports Jetpack Testimonials.
    Tip: I recommend creating a page and adding this shortcode, and then including the page as a front page section.

    This theme is great! This is an example testimonial.


    Read more about how to setup your Testimonials on Jetpacks support site.
  • Sharing
    -If you activate Jetpack sharing, your buttons will be displayed below the meta information, to the right of your post content.
    An image describing how sharing buttons are added to the post footer below Tags and Categories.
  • Contact Form
  • Site logo Once Jetpack has been activated, you can add a logo above your Site title on the front page. You will find this setting in the customizer.