Aaron is a responsive, accessibility-ready theme.

Features include Call to Action and front page Highlights that will grab your visitors attention and help you feature different parts of your website. The theme has two optional menus (including a social menu) and three widget areas that will hold any number of widgets.

Want to run Aaron on a company website rather than a blog? No problem, just hide the meta, the sidebars, and turn off your comments.

I recommend that you install the Jetpack plugin to make full use of supported features like logos, featured content, contact forms and social sharing. To create a portfolio, install Jetpack and create your projects, all the templates are already shipped with the theme. Aaron also works well with WooCommerce and bbPress.

Aaron has evolved from the user comments, requests and questions that has been sent in. Thank you for contributing and helping me make a better theme.

2018 fall updates

While we are waiting for WordPress to release it’s new editor, you can expect several smaller updates to fine tune the styling of the theme. 
I want the editor and the front to match, but I still want it too look and feel like the same theme.

Version 3.4, 2018-10-19

  • Housekeeping: Updated links. Updated credits in the readme file.
  • CSS and PHP code style changes according to WordPress coding standards.
  • Removed the JavaScript in navigation.js that added the screen reader text to the tag cloud and the alt text to the featured images, since this has been fixed in WordPress core.
  • Fixed a problem with a font not loading in the new editor.

Version 3.3, 2018-10-06

  • Corrected the position of the category and portfolio icons.
  • Fixed a styling problem with displaying the Jetpack testimonials in the search results.
  • Made sure that the content width option only affects screens wider than 640 pixels.
  • Added support for wp-block-styles to better match the Gutenberg editor, and improved the styling of some elements including the button block.
  • Added a blank template that you can use if you only want to display Gutenberg blocks.

Version 3.2, 2018-09-28

  • Made sure that the custom templates works for all pages, not only for the front page.
  • Made sure that the meta box options works with the Jetpack portfolio and testimonial post formats.
  • Added a testimonial widget. This widget requires the Jetpack testimonial functionality to be activated.
  • Made sure that the excerpt_more filter returns the default value in the admin.
  • Included a footer link to the privacy policy page, if one is set up.
  • Minor updates to the documentation.
  • Minor code styling updates.
  • Minor style changes: a left side border was added to the blockquote, a border was removed below the footer widgets. Matched font and styles used in the Gutenberg editor.
  • Updated theme and author URI.
  • Updated screenshot to make sure that it complies with the new screenshot requirements for WordPress.org.